Houses, Animals and Water

This is a funny small game which you can play during the breaks at school, summer activities or in your free time.
It is more cheerful when you play it in a bigger group with ten or more people.

At the beginning of the game one player becomes the speaker. He will give the first command.

All the other players split them self in groups with three people. Now every group builds a sculpture. Two players become the house by standing face to face and stretch their arms towards each other, the third one is the animal which is sitting in the house.

Now the speaker has three commands.
He can say: “Houses!” Now all the players who are part of a house have to leave their position. They have to run to another animal and build a new house over it. The animals do not move during this command.
Or the speaker says: “Animals!” In this case all the players who are animals have to leave their position and run into another house. Here the houses do not move.
Also the speaker can say: “Water!” Now the big torrent comes and washes all the houses and animals away. All players have to move and build new sculptures. Here they can also change their characters, so a player who was a house before can turn into an animal.

It is the challenge for the speaker to become part of a sculpture too. After he gave a command he has to try to capture the place from another player. The person who finds no place in a sculpture becomes the new speaker. So ideally the speaker changes after every round.

You can play this game as long as you would like. Have a lot of fun!



-by Linda M.-