Muggle Quidditch

If you are a Harry Potter fan and looking for a game to play with your class you are perfectly right here. I now introduce you to “Muggle Quidditch”! It is a funny game which you can easily play with your class in a gymnastic hall. Quidditch combines three games: handball, running dodgeball and tag.

What you need:
-) at least 16 people (including a referee, for example the teacher)
-) 1 volleyball (Quaffle)
-) 1 gatorskin ball (Bludger)
-) 1 small rubber ball (Golden Snitch)
-) basketball net
-) different coloured shirts or bands to mark each type of player and their belonging to their team

Like in the real Quidditch game from the books of J.K. Rowling the game is parted in four different team players.

1. Chasers:
You need minimum 4 Chasers. They pass a ball named “Quaffle” to the other team’s basketball basket. For that you can use a volleyball. Chasers aren’t allowed to move during the possession of the Quaffle. They must pass or shoot the ball. When the Chasers manage a goal they receive two points. After any shot on goal, whether it scores or not, the goalie gets possession of the Quaffle and passes the Quaffle to a team member.

2. Keepers:
Both teams have one Keeper who is trying to blog the Quaffle to prevent a goal. This player is only allowed to run until the goal line of his team. Keepers can’t be hit by a Bludger.

3. Beaters:
Each team has two Beaters, who are trying to hit the members of the opposing team (but not the Keepers). Beaters have a gatorskin ball which is called “Bludger”. When someone is hit by the Bludger ball, this player must touch 3 gym walls before he can re-enter the game. If a person is hit on the head, it doesn’t count. Beaters are not allowed to run during they are throwing the Bludger. In case the Beater strikes the Beater from the opposite team, this Beater also has to touch three gym walls.

4. Seekers:
Each team has one Seeker. The aim of this Seeker is to catch the “Golden Snitch” which in “Muggle Quidditch” is a small rubber ball. The teacher throws the rubber ball several times during the game into the playing field and the Seekers from each team have to try to catch the Snitch first. During the Snitch is not in the game the Seekers are playing the role of a Chaser. If a Seeker gets hit by a Bludger he also has to touch the three walls of the gymnastic hall, even if he was following the snitch.

To start the game, one team gets the Quaffle while the other one is in possession of the Bludger.

How to score?
For each shot into the goal the team receives two points. The counted shot includes shots which go into the basketball basket.
If the Seeker catches a Snitch the team gets one point too.
The team with the most points after the end of the game wins.

You can play this game as long as you want to. I recommend at least 15 minutes.

– by Verena K. –