Tanks – Real time team game

Under this name, there are known a lot of games. Today we will show you team game that is suppose to teach both trust and basics of tactics.

Long preparations are required to be able to play this game. First of all, you need ammunition. No matter how fierce that sounds don’t be afraid. The best way is to roll same paper and wrap it in tape. Of course, small balls, snowballs etc, also will do fine. To know how many bullets you need count all the players, subtract two, and later multiple it by five.

Finally – teams! For this game, you need from eight to twenty-two players. Players need to separate into two teams, and later choose from among them their general. As soon as you’ve done that you can choose the field. The size of the field should depend on a number of players, but try not to pick something too big. It will be difficult to coordinate your assault. For the beginners the best is to pick some flat territory, but as soon as you advance you can diverse the game a little by picking the harder field.

Ammunition is ready, teams and field as well. Now let’s begin! All players on the team, except General, must cover their eyes and pick five pieces of ammunition. Later pick for yourself one nick. It can be color, name, or simply number. It should be something simple so the general will not have problems shouting orders. Now on generals should stand on opposite sides of the field and their teams in front of them, three steps ahead in a row.


Each general using only their words has to direct tanks into shooting tanks of opposite teams. He can move around the field, he can say whatever he wants, but he cannot touch his tanks, tanks of the enemy or the ammunition that laying on the ground.

Ah right! Ammunition. As soon as one tank fired his bullet, the missile can be picked from the ground by another tank, but only if he is carefully directed by his general.

As soon as one tank is shot down, the person has to uncover his eyes, and sit on the ground, although later he cannot speak or move. The game lasts until all five tanks of one enemy aren’t destroyed.

If you want to try, remember – Be careful, because even though it’s just a game you can seriously wound your friend!


 – by Blaise L. –