Fruit salad

-) The game is most suitable for children from 5 to 10 years.

-) You should have about 5 to 30 players. More players are possible.

-) You need 1 chair per person, one fewer than there are players.

How it works:
At first you have to form a circle of chairs. One person doesn’t have a chair and is standing in the middle of the circle. Each player is assigned a fruit name like banana, apple, orange or melon. At least two people need to have the same fruit. The player, who is standing in the middle of the circle, calls out one of those chosen fruits. The people who assigned to that fruit have to stand up quickly and have to try to find an empty chair. The player who was calling the fruit is trying to get an empty seat as well. Then the person who didn’t get a chair has to call out the next fruit and so on … The player in the middle on the circle also can shout out “fruit salad”. Then every person on the chairs has to change place. You can play the game as long as you want.

Variation with a farm:
Instead of fruits you can also choose animals of a farm. For example: a horse, cow, sheep or chicken. If the player calls “farm” every player has to change their chair again.

– by Verena K. –