Heaven and Hell – Handicraft instruction

Everybody knows how annoying boredom can be. Handicrafts are one of the best
solutions to make free time more interesting and to avoid boredom.
This little instruction for “heaven and hell” is very easy to make, but still it
is a lot of fun.


All that you need is some paper, scissors and some colored pencils.
Just follow the the following instructions and afterwards you will be able to do it on
you own and can create as many as you want.

Step by step instruction:

First you take your sheet of paper. The important thing is that you need a square, means
that every side of it needs to have the same size.

Fold the paper from one corner to the opposite and do it again with the other corner.
When you open your paper again you should see a cross inside.

In step 3 and 4 you start to take the corners and put each of them into the middle
of your paper, which is marked through the cross.



Now turn around your paper and do the same with every corner again.

In step seven you fold the paper into the middle again.
The last step is a bit more difficult. Take your fingers now to open the four pockets
you created.
When you are finished with this, you created your own “heaven and hell”.


Now the creative part follows. Take all of your colored pencils and markers and
add some color to your handicraft. There is no right or wrong.
Do what comes to your mind.

Create funny faces or animals. Maybe you paint the faces of friends on them or of
your own pet. Write down numbers or symbols and create small games.


When you put thumb and forefinger from each hand in one of the pockets, you can open and
close them easily.

Now it’s your turn. Use your imagination and create your own “heaven and hell”.


– by Julia S. –