How to extend your possibilities

Auto-suggestion is somehow a very popular phrase, but not many people know what it is, or how to use it and benefit from that. Some people doesn’t have to learn this, they have natural skills to use it without even thinking about it. But there are also some ways to learn this.

Have you ever heard that faith can cause wonders? It’s true. Auto-suggestion basically works on that principle. If you’re believing in something so much that in your mind it’s seen as the real truth, it’s possible. Of course we’re not talking about magic, or other imaginary phrase, but about a well documented fact.

I’m sure that at least once you saw a scene in a movie when the doctor says to the mourning member of the family that their patient died due to not having the will to live.

Napoleon Hill gives few examples about similar situations in his books. He is telling a story about how once his co-worker awaited a very difficult operation, and how his doctors said that it’s only a formality because there is no chance for the operation to succeed. But before the operation, patient looked at him, smiled and said :”see you afterwards”. His faith and determination was so great that the operation predicted as almost guaranteed failure was a total success.

I’ll use another example from Napoleon Hill books. Throught his books he is giving examples about people who using auto-suggestion and determination reached world-wide success. People that he mentions inside are for example: Henry Ford, Edwin Barnes or Andrew Carnegie. His books are obligatory lecture for olympians, professional athletes, or businessman in training.

How to use auto suggestion? There is no one straight road to it. It’s all about focus and concentration. There are few most popular ways to learn it.

Write somewhere down your goal. Newermind what that is. Each times that you go to sleep, or waking up look at this paper, read it carefully and let connected with it emotions to fill you completely. After some time you will not need the paper, you will go into the state of complete focus immediately, unblocking new possiblities for your body and mind.

Another good method is meditation. Sit down, breath deeply, relax. Clear your mind of everything. Every unnecessary picture, thought, sound has to disappear. When you succeed with that you can try auto-suggestion. For the beginning try something easy. For example, My hand feels warm. Later, My whole body feels warm. It’s the most basic technique of auto-suggestion and easiest one to learn. With this you can rise, or lower temperature of your body, eliminate pain and much more. But any way there is a lot of practice required to use it effectively, and in any moment without much preparations.

There’s more to it but in this case, progress depends entirely on your own qualities and preferences so it’s better to discover it on your own. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn it and to adapt it to yourself.

 – by Blaise L.-