Brennball – a ballgame from Scandinavia

“Brennball” is a popular ball game from Scandinavia. In Sweden it is a traditional game whilst in Gemany it is mostly played during sport lessons in school or during free time.

How it works:
Before the game starts, the group must be divided into two teams. Each team has the same amount of team members. A minimum of two players in each team (four players in general) are neccecary, but the more people play, the more fun it is. There is no limit for the number of team members.

The playing field, which has usually the shape of a rectangle, is divided into two different parts.
The inside of the retangle is the area of the first team. The second team plays outside the retangle.
Outlines bound the playing-field and also represent the way, where team two has to walk along.

Team one forms a queue and team two spreads over the field. Now the game can start.
The first player of team one throws a ball into the field, trying not to throw close to a member of the opponent.
The task of team two is to catch the ball and to put it into a box on the right side of the field as fast as possible.
As long as the second team tries to catch the ball, the one that threw the ball is allowed to run around the outlines of the field. The player’s goal is to reach the end (stop) before the ball is putted into the box by the opposite team. In this case the team outside the rectangle would win one point.
If the player is not able to reach the end before the ball is in the box, he lines himself up into the queue again.
Now the second player of his team throws the ball.
Usually there is a time limit of five to ten minutes after which the two teams change the sides.
Now team one throws the ball and team two tries to catch it. After another five to ten minutes the game stops.
The team with the most points wins.

It is also possible to place objects on the outlines, to mark “save-areas”. If the person that threw the ball stops in there, when the opponent throws the ball into the box, he stays safe and could continue running when the second player throws the ball again. With this variation it is also possible for team members to run at the same time.
Also the box on the field is a variety. It is possible to use any kind of object and to place it in another place.
In general it is only neccessary to outline a point, where the ball can be placed so that the round ends.


– by Julia S. –