Hugalele – Hugalele, go, go, go!

Hugalele is a game very similar to Capture the Flag which many people might know. The aim of the game is to capture an object from the opposing team and bring it to your own team.

For the game you need two teams, each of which owns half of the court. In the corners of the court each team has one prison where they keep enemies that they caught and a Hugalele where people from the other team are safe and cannot be caught. The Hugalele is like a piece of your own playing field in enemy territory. In the middle of each half of the court they the object is placed.

With the signal “Hugalele, Hugalele, go, go, go!” the game starts. Everyone who runs into enemy territory can be captured and brought to the prison except when they are in the Hugalele. If someone runs to the prison without being caught he can free two people from there and take them with him. The defenders of the object cannot stand right next to it but have to keep a certain distance (1-2 metres). When someone is caught with the object in his hands it has to be brought back to its original place. However, if the person drops it before being caught it stays where it was dropped.

The winner is the team who manages to bring the other team’s object into their own part of the court.

– by Barbara P. –