Völkerball – a famous Austrian Game


Völkerball has been invented to show how war can be. You can see the two squads representing two different folks (german: Völker) and the ghost representing the King. This game is very popular in Austria, but also in Swizerland and Germany it’s played a lot. Since the 18th century, Völkerball is a offical game.

The gameplay:

Every team has his own playing area for the game. It is usualy 5 or 6 meters long and about 8 or 9 meters wide. This area is seperated by lines, which you are not allowed to cross. The two playing areas are connected, but seperated by a centerline. In the classical version there aren’t any obstacles in the field.

How it works:

Every team consists from about 6 to 14 people. Both teams have to select a ghost, who has to leave the field. He needs to stay behind the outline, from where he can support his team by shooting the others with the ball. Now, the team with the youngest player starts with the game. He should try to snip the other team. The fielder can also pass the ball to the ghost and let him bolt. If somebody gets shot, he or she has to go out of the feeld in order to support the ghost. In case that he/she blasts someone of the other team, he/she has the possibility to go in again. In case that there is just one more fielder left, the ghost has to play as fielder. He has 3 lives. The team which has finished all the fielders and the ghost winns the game.


To make the game running a bit faster you can allow the ghost and the shotted people to play around the field of the opposing team.
Furthermore, if you have 10 or more people, you can also use some obstancles to bilt a castle in which you can hide yourselfe. But be aware! There has to be a minimum of 3 active people outside your castle.