Athens – the mysterious city

Athens or Αθήνα in Greek is one of the oldest cities in the world and the most important in Greece. According to the history, Athens was built in the year 1.300 before Christ. In this period, people built a famous palace on the Acropolis in order to protect the city and its surroundings. You can still see rests of this great masterwork today.

Athens was the most important seaport in the world in the 5th and 4th century before Christ and up to now, Athens has the most important harbor in Greece and one of the most important harbors in the world. After the command under Florence, the Turkish and Venice, Athens gained its importance and many famous churches were built in this period. In the 15th century the Turkish went out of the city, which was one reason why the capital city started to lose power and importance.

Caused by many destructions in the 17th and 19th century, Athens had just around 4.000 habitants in the year 1833, but the city wanted to become strong again and grew in about 150 years to a giant megacity with more than 4 millions of habitants and is now one of the most important cities in Europe.

The first picture which comes into your mind thinking about this great city is for sure the famous Acropolis of Athens. It was built in order to protect the city on the highest point about 3.300 years ago. Because of destructions about 500 before Christ by the Persians you can just see the remains of it, but it is still a gorgeous masterwork which you have to visit. It is impossible to imagine that it was built without any machinery, just per hand.

The Parthenon is a religious symbol of the city which has been constructed for the goddess of the city called “Pallas Athena Parthenos”. The Parthenon has been the treasure chamber of the Greek sailor’s alliance. Because of this it has been destroyed various times, especially by the Persians. No one can go to Athens without visiting these amazing places.

Source: Wikipedia Germany