How to create a Black Hole?

Each and every one of us can become a black hole. Sounds strange, right? Don’t worry chances for that ain’t big.

According to the relativity theory if anybody reaches the point of critical mass, so low that even light cannot leave it it becomes a black hole. It’s called the Schwarzchild’s radius. For each body of the mass m we can designate the radius R, that after pressing the body into the sphere of that radius it becomes a black hole.

For example if we would like a human to become a black hole, we’d need to press him into a sphere sekstylion (10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) times smaller than his natural size. A lot, right? Or rather very little. But don’t worry. If you would turn into a black hole it would only last a few seconds before thanks to Hawking’s radiation, you would explode in a very spectacular way.

If we would want to compress our beloved planet Earth into a black hole it would need a radius of about 9mm.

The Sun. The Sun is hundreds times bigger than the Earth. If we would like to change our favourite star into a black hole we would need to compress it into a radius of 3km.

But still, even if we would compress the Sun into a black hole it would be a real midget. For example, Sagittarius A, a very powerful astronomical radio source, is located in the center of our galaxy. It contains also a supermassive black hole which has a mass a billion times bigger than our sun.

And if we would deem that irrelevant we would need to look into Phoenix Cluster SPT-CL J2344-4243. It’s one of the furthest galaxy constellations. In the center of that another supermassive black hole of a mass of 20 billions suns is located. Pure power.

According to S.Hawking who was mentioned above our universe began with the explosion of a black hole.

 – by Blaise L. –